"Suckmord" is an admittedly unwatchable experimental movie that I made in highschool (1990 probably) with some friends over one afternoon of filming and about an hour of editing. The script is by Greg Yardley, and the movie stars him, Jennifer Parker, Scott Fox, Shelby Larner, Niall Eccles, Lara Mushkat, and Todd Fox, with an original soundtrack by Todd Fox and Steve Skratt. We shot it for my art class at PECI (Picton, Ontario, Canada).

- Shannon Larratt

The Story

Suzy (Jennifer) is vacuuming her house since her boyfriend is about to visit. She starts to carry the vacuum down the stairs...

She's startled by her boyfriend's (Greg) arrival, and falls down the stairs and is hung by the vacuum cleaner (thus the title of the movie). He runs off in shock, and Codger (Scott), the morgue attendant, comes to collect the body.

Greg (the boyfriend) sits at home in a state of shock, where he sees a news report (Niall) about Suzy's death and it tells him she's at the morgue. Convinced she can't be dead, he kills his mother as a "replacement" body, and heads to the morgue.

At the morgue, he swaps out Suzy's body for his mother's, and as he starts to carry Suzy out, he's discovered by Codger, who he attacks after Codger tries to explain that Suzy is dead and that he can't take her. He then drags out the body, and Codger crawls to the phone and calls the police.

Codger is interviewed on TV about the attack ("he had... TEETH!").

Greg takes Suzy to a beautiful field to remind her of the miracle of life. As she doesn't respond, he tries to shock her awake, with no luck.

Codger has a variety of vaguely related adventures...

Greg takes Suzy to a clearing in the forest to show her the useless alternative — death. Again, she doesn't respond so he digs her a shallow grave to frighten her alive, and once more, no response, so he jumps in and kills himself to be with her.

In the end, Codger collects the bodies and takes them to his collection in the morgue.

And, they do the dance of death as the movie ends.

All in all, a terrible movie, but wonderful memories.

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